Fullerton Favorites Fridays-These Purty Flowers!

Last Spring, just a few months after moving in, I found little surprises in my backyard.  There were little daffodils popping up.  An Iris decided to show itself as if to tell me, “Spring is here!  It’s time for me to shine!”  Along with those were these other little magical flowers.  I don’t know what they’re called but they appeared in my backyard.  Then I noticed that they were in my neighbor’s yard too.  All of a sudden I was seeing them everywhere around Fullerton.  They sure do like to spring up in the most unlikely of places.  I don’t know… maybe they’re a weed!  Either way, I was sad when they went away.

But they’re back!  It’s nice knowing I can look forward to these little beauties around town every year.

*I should add…. these photos are not of my yard.  I went down the street to take these.

Fullerton Favorites03Fullerton Favorites01Fullerton Favorites02

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  1. Jen,
    Your pictures always bring a smile to my face, as always. Spring is a little slower getting to Colorado, but we have been enjoying some warmer days, hearing birds outside again, and seeing green starting to peek through the brown grass. Thanks for sharing your Fullerton pictures! We miss you!

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