September 26, 2010

Aren’t they cute?!-Orange Circle Engagement Photography

Orange Circle Engagement Photos

It’s couples like these that just make me so happy to be doing what I do.  Matt & Ashely met at church a few years ago.  They’ve both been involved in the college group at EV Free Fullerton.  And they are just about the cutest couple ever!  Ashley is finishing up her nursing degree while planning a wedding.  Talk about busy!

Matt & Ashley decided that Orange Circle would be the perfect place for their engagement session since that’s where they got engaged!  Matt planned for Ashley to spend the evening with some girlfriends having dinner at Rutabagorz.  He prepared a special “dessert” menu which one of Ashley’s friends read to her.  Ashley thought it was strange that her other friend wanted to film her, but whatever.  As they got to the end of the “menu”, Matt suddenly appeared to pop the question in the middle of the restaurant!  Like I said.  These two are super cute!

I can’t wait for their wedding at The Turnip Rose in December.

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  1. Molly W. says:

    I know that restaurant thanks to you! Love the ones of the yellow door w/ red numbers! Cute!!

  2. gina lee says:

    beautiful.. and so fun.. Great work Jen. 🙂

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