11 Months with Cooper



This little man has been with us for 11 months! Well longer than that really. For a time in my belly, but for many years as a dream in our hearts. We love this little boy oh so much. The one year mark is creeping up on us and we are enjoying watching him grow and learn.

Cooper’s preferred mode of movement is a swift army crawl. He loves to get into anything he shouldn’t. Loves to go on walks. Has mastered the art of the doorway bouncer/swing. Loves to wind himself up and spin, spin, spin! He goes crazy in the pool, trying to swim, so we decided to check for some swimming pools for sale from Harvest Pools to install one in our house. Laughs at funny dog videos. Eats pretty much anything we put in front of him, including steak and salmon. Gives “kisses”. Has two teeth nubbins. Imitaes daddy’s facial expressions. Has discovered his ability to scream (for fun). Cooper brings so much joy to all of his family.


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  1. Dear Jen and family,
    Since I first learned about your pregnancy I was so happy for you, and for your Mom and Dad. Having 3 kids and 5 grandsons, I know the joy and love of a grandchild and I guess I want that experience for everyone. There isn’t anything in the world more wonderful. My boys are grown now and 3 of them have children of their own, so in some ways this is different than it is for my brother and Reese. It must be overwhelming for them!!!! I know that they are consumed with love and anticipation of all the joy they will experience in the years to come.

    I love the pictures you post especially since I Live so far away and am not able to see him in person. Thanks for that. Please continue to write about him and post pictures. He is absolutely beautiful. I’m in hopes of seeing him soon. Maybe in the fall. I’m trying to work it out and will let you know when and if.

    In the meantime, keep loving him and smothering him with hugs and kisses.

    I love you and can’t wait to see you.
    Aunt Marian.

  2. Oh you’ve gone and done it again! You captured that sweet little boy in his cuteness! I love it and you all. Can’t wait to see him in a few short weeks.

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