Aimee & Mike- Fullerton Wedding Photography

I think there’s just something romantic about trains.  Maybe they make me think of old movies, I’m not sure.  But I love to ride the train!

That’s why I love Mike & Aimee’s story.  They met on the Metrolink!  How great is that!  Every day each of them would board the train on their commute to work.  They both noticed each other long before they actually met.  Don’t let the fact that Mike is a detective fool you… Mike’s a shy guy.   But eventually he mustered up enough courage to talk to the cute blonde girl with the great smile.  Once he did, they started dating soon thereafter.

And you can see why.  Isn’t she beautiful?

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I had met Aimee  a couple of times at church years ago.  I had taken a photo of her daughter when she was little at a church event in the park and had given her the photo.  When she called me about shooting her wedding she reminded me of that photo, saying that was one of her favorite photos of her daughter.  She’s not so little anymore though!

Fullerton Wedding Photography04

The handsome groom and his guys.

Fullerton Wedding Photography01

I always love this moment.

Fullerton Wedding Photography05Fullerton Wedding Photography06

You can just see the excitement all over their faces.

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Dear Lord, thank you for amazing light.  Amen. 🙂

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Um… how awesome is this vintage cop car?  Pretty awesome indeed!  And Mike & Aimee make it look even better!

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This was Aimee’s parents cake topper from their wedding.  And each of the tables were named after the stops on the Orange Country Metrolink line.

Fullerton Wedding Photography19

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Fullerton Wedding Photography23

Such a beautiful day and one of the most fun receptions I’ve been to in a long time.  I laughed until my belly hurt!  Thank you so much for allowing me to share your day!

Ceremony: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Reception: Westridge Golf Club

Robert & Elyse – Orange County Wedding Photography

Fullerton Wedding Photography1

The first time I met with Elyse I thought, “This is my kind of girl!”  I couldn’t wait to shoot her wedding.  Elyse is a graphic designer so needless to say, I got excited as she talked about all of her ideas for the wedding.  And knowing that her and her family were doing it all, even the flowers, I couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out!  They did not disappoint!

Rain has been a them for these two and me.  It rained when we did their engagement shoot.  And it was set to rain the day of their wedding too.  I prayed for days that a God would keep it dry until 5:00, when the ceremony started.  After that, it could pour buckets.  Well….. that’s exactly what happened!  It started raining right after their first look.  It rained for a couple of minutes and then it stopped for the rest of our photo time.  Thank you!

Robert and Elyse, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.  You are so much fun and you kept me laughing all day!

Ceremony: St.Paul’s Lutheran Church Fullerton

Reception: Summit House

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Then she added a bird cage veil.  Yes please!

Fullerton Wedding Photography13Fullerton Wedding Photography14

I love the expression on her dad’s face here.

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Elyse showed me her original drawing for the cake.  Cucamonga Cakery made it happen…. and rocked it!

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