Kristen & Scott- Temecula Engagement Photographer

Dear Scott & Kristen,

Oh my gosh, I love you guys!  From the moment I met you two, I couldn’t wait to photograph you.  When you sat on my little blue couch, telling me about your love story, I found myself thinking, “I want what they have!”  I love the way you two are together.  Your love and adoration for each other is so obvious.  I can just tell how much you respect one another.  Scott, it cracks me up how you pretty much just went “shopping” on facebook for girls in your area who loved Jesus and were passionate about ministry.  Who would have known that the girl you went out with a couple of times and then eventually rejected you, would eventually be your wife!  Kristen, I can totally get why you were scared.  Sometimes we’re scared of the things that deep-down we know are good for us.  I’m so glad you finally gave in.  You are a beautiful couple, inside and out.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through you as He unites you as one in love and purpose.

Oh and did I mention that you guys are seriously photogenic and one of the funnest couples I’ve ever met!?!  ( I do realize that’s not really a word, but oh well!)

Temecula Engagement Photography01Temecula Engagement Photography02Temecula Engagement Photography03Temecula Engagement Photography04

Gurl, you even look good in a monocle!

Temecula Engagement Photography05

And you guys seriously laugh ALL the time.  I. LOVE. IT!

Temecula Engagement Photography06Temecula Engagement Photography07Temecula Engagement Photography08Temecula Engagement Photography09

Look at those eyes!

Temecula Engagement Photography10Temecula Engagement Photography11

I’m so glad you brought the cork from the bottle of wine you drank on the day Scott proposed.

Temecula Engagement Photography12

This series of photos is just so stinkin’ fun!

Temecula Engagement Photography13Temecula Engagement Photography14Temecula Engagement Photography15Temecula Engagement Photography16Temecula Engagement Photography17Temecula Engagement Photography18Temecula Engagement Photography19

And oh, the light that afternoon.  That’s a little Jesus hug, if you ask me.

Temecula Engagement Photography20Temecula Engagement Photography21Temecula Engagement Photography22Temecula Engagement Photography23

Temecula Engagement Photography32

Temecula Engagement Photography24

I am always proud to be a human coat rack.  Just part of the job. 🙂

Temecula Engagement Photography25Temecula Engagement Photography26Temecula Engagement Photography27Temecula Engagement Photography28Temecula Engagement Photography29Temecula Engagement Photography30Temecula Engagement Photography31I seriously can’t wait until your wedding.  I can’t wait to witness such a wonderful couple commit their lives to one another.  You guys rock!!!!

Love, Jen

Temecula Family Photography-Wilson Creek Winery

A while back I got an email from Tammy who lives in Minnesota.  Her parents’ 40th anniversary was coming up and the whole family was going to be in southern California to celebrate.  They wanted to give the gift of photography to their parents.  What a perfect gift for those parents who have everything they need!  So we met up in Temecula.

Temecula-Wilson Creek Family PhotographyThe happy couple!

Temecula-Wilson Creek Family Photography3Temecula-Wilson Creek Family Photography4Temecula-Wilson Creek Family Photography5It’s clear who the real star of the show is though.

Temecula-Wilson Creek Family Photography6

Oh my gosh!  Could you just die?

Temecula-Wilson Creek Family Photography2Temecula-Wilson Creek Family Photography7Temecula-Wilson Creek Family Photography8Temecula-Wilson Creek Family Photography9