November 15, 2009

Molly Winn- Orange County Headshot Photography

I love taking headshots.  There’s just something about working one on one with a person and making them look great!  I did an quick impromptu headshot shoot with my friend Molly the other day when she came to visit.  AND…. she let me use her 50mm 1.2!  Yuuuuuummmmy!

I met Molly the summer before her senior year in high school, the summer after my sophomore year in college.  I was a counselor at Miracle Ranch in Port Orchard, WA that summer.  Molly, or Franque as we called her (we all went by camp names) was my counselor in training and lived with me in my cabin, helping out with the campers all summer.  My camp name, in case you were wondering, was Gepetto.  The kids would try all week to figure out our real names.  I alway told them I would tell them my name in a letter if they wrote to me.  That was really just my way of making sure I got mail.  Hee hee!  We could definitely tell some horror stories of certain campers that summer, but we won’t talk about that now!

It was so fun to reconnect and find that we have even more in common.  Molly is just starting her photography business, but is already flying to different states to do photo shoots!  Watch out for this one!  She is rockin’ it!

Check out my pretty friend.

Orange County Headshot Photography-Molly05Orange County Headshot Photography-Molly04Orange County Headshot Photography-Molly03Orange County Headshot Photography-Molly02Orange County Headshot Photography-Molly01

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