November 20, 2009

Sneak Peak-My first Indian Wedding!- Yorba Linda Wedding Photography

Yesterday and today I’ve been privileged to be hanging out with Palak and her family.  This is the first Indian wedding I’ve been a part of and I’m having a blast!  The colors, the smells, it’s just a feast for the senses!  In a couple of hours I get to head over to be a part of a night of dancing(how fun!), but I wanted to post a few detail shots from the past two days.  Stay tuned for more!!!!!

This was just amazing to watch.  It took 4 hours!

5Indian Wedding-Yorba Linda PhotographerI couldn’t stop taking photos of her hands!

2Indian Wedding-Yorba Linda PhotographerIndian Wedding-Yorba Linda Photographer

Isn’t she gorgeous?

3Indian Wedding-Yorba Linda Photographer4Indian Wedding-Yorba Linda Photographer

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