Such a cutie!!!! Long Beach Family Portraits

Alright!  I’m finally getting back to the photos from the super cute Wallin family.  We met up at Shoreline Village in Long Beach.  What a fun place to shoot!  All the bright colors and even an arcade that we had fun with.  These photos were to commemorate this little guy’s first birthday!  What a cute little personality he has.  And how happy was I when I saw all their matching “Chucks”?  VERY!!!!!  I love me my Converse tennies!  They even brought along this awesomely huge balloon.  I’m sad to report that there was a little accident about half way through our shoot and we lost the balloon.  We watched it float away and we could actually see it for a long time because it was so big!

Long Beach Portraits05Long Beach Portraits06Long Beach Portraits07

How funny is this?!

Long Beach Portraits08Long Beach Portrait Photographer

Long Beach Portraits03Long Beach Portraits09

I couldn’t pick between these two.  I know….. real shocker!

Long Beach Portraits11Long Beach Portraits10

Long Beach Portraits12

Long Beach Portraits04Long Beach Portraits01Long Beach Portraits02

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  1. ooh! I can’t wait until we move back to Cali- I definitely want you to take some pics of my kids!!! My favs are the one with the legs & the black & white one on the boardwalk, but they’re all great 🙂

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