December 22, 2009

1 Bride, 6 Wedding Outfits! – Yorba Linda/San Jose Wedding Photography

Well I don’t have photos of all 6 of the outfits, but I’ll show you several!  I have learned so much about Indian weddings recently.  They are super fun and there are A LOT of celebrations!  I had the privilege of being a part of Palak & Simmy’s celebrations last month.

First outfit: Thursday evening Palak got her henna done.  This was super cool to watch and made me want to get some done myself sometime!

4Indian Wedding-Yorba Linda Photographer

5Indian Wedding-Yorba Linda Photographer

Second outfit: Friday morning, there were ceremonies at the bride’s home in Yorba Linda.  Her outfit was beautiful and it was really fun to witness the ceremonies.

3Indian Wedding-Yorba Linda PhotographerSan Jose Wedding Photography34 copySan Jose Wedding Photography29San Jose Wedding Photography32San Jose Wedding Photography33San Jose Wedding Photography30San Jose Wedding Photography31Third outfit: Friday night Palak & Simmy’s family and friends gathered for a night of traditional dancing called Garba & Sangeet.  Lots of dancing!!!!

San Jose Wedding Photography26San Jose Wedding Photography24San Jose Wedding Photography25San Jose Wedding Photography27San Jose Wedding Photography28Fourth & Fifth outfits:  I don’t have photos of these since I was a guest at the wedding.  Oh wait…. I think I have a snapshot from the reception….. yep… here you go!  Lots of dancing happening!  Her wedding dress was really beautiful, but you’ll just have to trust me! 🙂

San Jose Wedding Photography36

AND….. outfit #6:  Simmy’s family is from northern California, and that’s where he and Palak live.  So they had a second reception in San Jose the day after Thanksgiving.  I have LOTS of photos from that so get ready!

San Jose Wedding PHotographySan Jose Wedding Photography2San Jose Wedding Photography3San Jose Wedding Photography5


San Jose Wedding Photography6San Jose Wedding Photography4San Jose Wedding Photography8Talk about a good looking couple, right?

San Jose Wedding Photography7 copyI thought we’d have to do all of their photos in the hotel room since it was raining outside.  But the rain stopped and these two were troopers to face the cold for a few minutes so I could get this.

San Jose Wedding Photography10San Jose Wedding Photography11Um…. thank you!

San Jose Wedding Photography12OK, back inside we go!

The door to the ballroom had this cool little peep thing.  I thought it was cool!

San Jose Wedding Photography13

Icing on the Cake, a cute little bakery in Los Gatos did the cake.  Pretty!

San Jose Wedding Photography14San Jose Wedding Photography15San Jose Wedding Photography16San Jose Wedding Photography17

What I love most about Indian weddings is that EVERYONE dances!  A LOT!

San Jose Wedding Photography19San Jose Wedding Photography21San Jose Wedding Photography20San Jose Wedding Photography22San Jose Wedding Photography23Palak and Simmy enjoyed a much deserved trip to the Carribean!  After all of the planning and celebrating, they said they pretty much slept for the first few days.  I don’t blame them!  Thank you for inviting me into your lives.  You and all of your family and friends were so great to me!

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