January 15, 2010

Kim & Geovanni-Balboa Inn Wedding- Photography

Aaaaaaaaand……. I back!  Man it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Let’s get caught up.

Soooo……. how ya been?

Now that the busyness that was Christmas and the weeks of catch up right after are done, I feel like I’m caught up.  I’m spending some time thinking about what new things I’d like to do this year as well as planning some little adventures.  I’m ready for a great year…. how ’bout you?

So to get you caught up, here’s a wedding that I did in December.  Kim & Geo got married at the Balboa Inn right at the foot of the Balboa Pier.  It was a cold, kinda dreary day, but what a great day for a nice, intimate wedding.

Kim’s dress was gorgeous.

balboa inn wedding1And so was she!

balboa inn wedding2balboa inn wedding3balboa inn wedding4 copybalboa inn wedding5balboa inn wedding6balboa inn wedding7balboa inn wedding8balboa inn wedding9

The groom wasn’t bad lookin’ either!

balboa inn wedding10

Another vote….. do you like color or b&w?

balboa inn wedding11balboa inn wedding12balboa inn wedding13balboa inn wedding14balboa inn wedding15

White lights make everything magical!

balboa inn wedding16balboa inn wedding17

Man and wife!

balboa inn wedding18balboa inn wedding19balboa inn wedding20balboa inn wedding21balboa inn wedding22

Ohhh….. he did it.  He really did it.

balboa inn wedding23

Good for you Kim!

balboa inn wedding24balboa inn wedding25

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