January 22, 2010

Rainy Day-Newport Beach Engagement Session

Today’s post is very appropriate.  We’ve been experiencing unusual amounts of rain here in Southern California.  My backyard and garage have been flooded off and on over the past few days.  My pond is looking mighty full and I’m a little afraid that if it gets any fuller the fish might swim away!

But it’s a perfect day to post these images.  About a month ago Elyse and Robert and I were scheduled to do their engagement shoot.  But it was also scheduled to rain quite a bit that weekend.  Robert is in the Coast Guard and lives up in the bay area, and since his time off is very limited we couldn’t really reschedule.  Elyse was excited about the rain and said she would bring her umbrellas.  I was excited about the umbrellas too, but was a little concerned about not being able to keep my camera dry!  Anything to get the shot, right!?!  We made it happen.

Elyse and Robert love to go out to Sushi and to the movies so we met at Kura Sushi, one of their favorite restaurants.  It was raining pretty hard so we were glad to be inside.  Then the rain let up to a light mist as we headed down the street to the Lido Theater in Newport.  We had so much fun playing with umbrellas and the rain.

And I love what we captured.  I don’t know if it’s the moody rainy look, or the timelessness, or this just the awesomeness of this couple!  Maybe it’s knowing everything we went through to get these!  But I do know know that I CAN’T WAIT for their wedding in March!  It is going to be stellar!

Thanks for being awesome, you guys!

Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement01Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement02Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement05Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement03Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement04Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement06Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement09Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement10Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement07

All of these make me happy, but this one made me sigh…….. hhhmmmmmm.

Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement08Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement12

Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement21Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement22

Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement11Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement13Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement14Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement15Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement16

There is just something I LOVE about the feel of this one.

Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement17

On a side note…. I actually went back and saw It’s a Wonderful Life here a few days before Christmas.  So fun!  I hope they do it next year.  I think I want to start a new Christmas tradition.

Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement18Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement19Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement20Newport Beach Rainy Day engagement photography

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