February 2, 2010

Oh baby!- Corona Children’s photography

Baby portraits are so much fun!  I love being invited into people’s homes and seeing how they do life.  I love the search for good light in their home.  And I just love them babies!  You never know what to expect and they’re just super cute!

This baby’s mom, Lucy, has some great friends.  They went together and bought a gift certificate for a portrait session for her baby shower.  What a great idea!  I’ve had a few other people do the same thing recently.  What a great gift.  Something he won’t grow out of and something the whole family will cherish forever.

Corona children's photographyCorona children's photography2Corona children's photography3Corona children's photography4This reading stuff is serious business!

Corona children's photography10Corona children's photography6Corona children's photography5Corona children's photography7

Baby giggles are just the greatest.

Corona children's photography8Corona children's photography9

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