February 25, 2010

Sign of the times! – Claremont Engagement Photography

I would say that at least 1/4 of the weddings I’ve photographed have been for couples who have met online.  And even more of my friends have married or are dating people they met online.  It’s a sign of the times, for sure!

Now, I have done my fair share of internet dating myself.  So the first bit of advice I give people embarking on this journey is to put up good photos.  You’d be shocked at how many lame profile photos I’ve seen!  “Yeah, that’s a really cool photo of you and General Sherman.  Wait…. is that little speck at the bottom you?”

Lynn was smart.  I met her last year when she asked me to do some headshots for her online profile.



We had a great time and I ended up visiting with her and her daughter, who is a very talented budding photographer herself.  Imagine my delight when late one night I received an email from her that said, “Well, it worked!  I met someone and we just got engaged!  I’d like to talk with you about photographing our wedding!”

These two cracked me up!  They are SO in love!  Like crazy mad about each other.  Like can’t keep their hands off of each other in love.  They should bottle that.  I want me some of that!  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next month!

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