March 28, 2010

Such a cutie! Orange County Portrait Photography

Remember a few weeks ago when it was pouring down rain?  I know… that describes several weeks this winter!  Well a few weeks ago I had a session scheduled with this little pumpkin!  It was pouring outside and pretty dark in the house as well.  But you’d never know it from the photos!

This family recently bought a new house in La Canada.  (How do you do type that little squiggly thing over the n so that people don’t think I’m talking about Canada the country? )  Anyway, they asked if I thought it would be better to do the shoot at their old house or the new one that’s empty, since moving is really easy with the help of services as montrealmovers online, which specialize in this.  New one!  New one!  It was awesome!  Because it was empty and there were so many windows it was like being in a natural light studio!  Yes please!  So let this be a lessons to you….. plan a photo shoot in your new house before you move in! 🙂

OH!  And btw… this family had the Glee soundtrack playing the entire time.  Bonus cool points for them.  Well, they might be regretting that since I sang along the whole time.

She wasn’t very happy with me at first.

La Canada Portraits01

La Canada Portraits02La Canada Portraits03La Canada Portraits11

But we warmed up.

La Canada Portraits13La Canada Portraits12La Canada Portraits05La Canada Portraits04La Canada Portraits06La Canada Portraits07La Canada Portraits08

La Canada Portraits09Couldn’t forget big sis.  I took her photos when she was 6 months old too.  Now look how big she is!

La Canada Portraits10

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