April 16, 2010

Fullerton Favorites Friday – The Farmer’s Market

I’m really enjoying doing these little highlights of things I love about Downtown Fullerton.  And I’m glad that it’s allowing people to find out about things in my little city that they didn’t know about.  My friend, and faithful blog reader Kim, told me that she went and visited Max Bloom’s for the first time as a result of last week’s blog post!

This week’s favorite is the Thursday night Farmer’s Market.  I live two blocks from where they do this every week.  I love that it provides a place for a little family night out.  There’s a little playground for the kids, some sort of concert going on, the Book-mobile from the library, and sometimes balloon animals!  I love when I’m out watering my plants in the summer and families, obviously coming from the Farmer’s Market, walk by my house with bags of fresh produce and a balloon hat or sword.

I went for the first time this year tonight.  I only took a few photos, mostly because I was distracted by the yummy smell of fresh strawberries (yes, I did buy some!).  But I had fun looking at the pretty flowers, smelling the delicious tri tip sandwiches and kettle corn they were making, and sampling all the different fruits.  And the hummus.  I love the hummus guys!  The garlic and artichoke was my favorite!


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