April 27, 2010

Fullerton Wedding!-Brad & Robyn

Brad and Robyn grew up in the same church.  But it took moving half way across the globe to really meet and get married!  To be fair, their church is a big one and they were a few years apart.  Robyn remembers meeting Brad once when she was going to sing with the worship band he played piano for.  She said she thought he was kinda rude and didn’t really think much past that.

Brad loves to travel so when the opportunity came to work in Switzerland for a few years, he said why not?  There was really nothing keeping him here.  In the meantime, Robyn went to work with a missions organization and was living in Hungary.

Fast forward a couple of years…… Brad heard through mutual friends that this girl Robyn was living in Hungary.  A bunch of people from church had told him what a great girl she was and since she was pretty cute he thought, “maybe I should take my vacation in Budapest!”  He contacted Robyn saying that he was going to be in Budapest and would she mind being his tour guide.  Robyn was a little curious about this request, but after asking people from back home about him, they assured her that he was a great guy.  So she said yes and they started chatting, planning what they would do while he was there.  She thought, “This could either be disastrous or this could be great.”

It was great.

Brad, who thought that Robyn was WAY cuter than her facebook photo even, told her that he really liked her and would like to see her again.  So began nightly Skype conversations and trips back and forth to visit, and few month later…. a proposal!

Brad and Robyn came back to California to get married at the church where both of them grew up (and where I met Brad a few years back).  A beautiful, meaningful ceremony and a simple yet elegant reception with 400 of their closest friends was how they wanted to celebrate their day.  They headed back to Switzerland the next day and were going to honeymoon in Italy.  Nice!

Thank you for allowing me to share your day with you, guys!

Fullerton Wedding Photography01

Robyn’s dad’s expression when he saw his beautiful daughter was priceless.

Fullerton Wedding Photography02Fullerton Wedding Photography03Brad & Robyn saw each other before the wedding.  I just love the moments I’m able to capture during a first look.

Fullerton Wedding Photography05Fullerton Wedding Photography04

Christopher Wren came along with me to second shoot.  He got this great shot.

Fullerton Wedding Photography07

Fullerton Wedding Photography06Fullerton Wedding Photography08Fullerton Wedding Photography10Fullerton Wedding Photography09Fullerton Wedding Photography11Fullerton Wedding Photography13Fullerton Wedding Photography12Fullerton Wedding Photography14Fullerton Wedding Photography15Fullerton Wedding Photography16

As they got ready to leave, we took them up on top of the parking structure of the church for a few more photos.  Man…. was it worth it!

Fullerton Wedding Photography17Fullerton Wedding Photography18Fullerton Wedding Photography19Fullerton Wedding Photography20

Fullerton Wedding Photography21Fullerton Wedding Photography22Fullerton Wedding Photography23

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