May 24, 2010

Rock & Roll!-Brandon & Stephanie-Claremont Engagement Photography

These two rock!  When I first sat down with Brandon and Stephanie to talk about their wedding we talked about how awesome it is to dress up for theme parties.  They are my kind of peeps!  As we brainstormed about what to do for their engagement session, they mentioned that some of the things they like to do are hiking and just being outdoors, taking Brandon’s motorcycle for a ride, and going out to dinner.  So we did all of those things.

First we started at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Claremont.  I used to spend a lot of time in Claremont and I had no idea this was there!  Stephanie told me that when she was finishing her master’s degree and was stressed out she would often come here and just sit to forget about it all for a little while.  I can see how this is the perfect setting for that.

Then we wandered around The Village in Claremont and took some photos with the motorcycle and ended the evening with some yummy Thai food.  So fun!!!!  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

claremont engagement06claremont engagement01
claremont engagement02
claremont engagement05
claremont engagement03claremont engagement04claremont engagement07claremont engagement08claremont engagement19claremont engagement09claremont engagement11claremont engagement12claremont engagement13claremont engagement14
claremont engagement15
claremont engagement16

claremont engagement10Motorcycle engagement shoot

claremont engagement18claremont engagement17

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