May 27, 2010

The way I see it…..

Sometimes I can go quite a while without picking up my camera.  Don’t get me wrong…. I love to shoot.  And I love to create.  With many different mediums, not just photography.  But what I love more than anything is people.  And I love when I get to create beautiful images along with my wonderful clients.  So, if I don’t have a shoot scheduled with clients, I just don’t think about pulling out my camera.

But last night, after I turned out the lights in the living room, I noticed the moonlight.  It was shining through the mason jars on my dining room table,  Just barely.  But It looked kinda cool.  So I grabbed my camera.  I could barely get it to focus and it looked WAY darker than this to the naked eye.  I shot these at 3200 ISO (as high as my 5D will go) f 2.8, .8 sec.  I held REALLLLLY still. 🙂

Just a glimpse into how I see the world.


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