June 4, 2010

Fullerton Favorites Fridays – Photog Unite

Back in March I went to WPPI, a big photographer’s trade show and conference I attend in Vegas every year.  I’m always excited to go even though I dread going to Vegas.  I just feel dirty when I’m there!  But this year there was a particularly bright point in the week.  A group of Christian photographers decided to meet and share a little scripture.  Here’s who showed up (I’m in there somewhere!)


We divided in to smaller groups, by region, to pray for each other and to talk about starting these types of gathering in our own areas.

A few weeks later, Shaun Austin of Kiss Wedding Books opened his home in Fullerton to start meeting.  Our group is small but has been so meaningful to me.  Every Friday morning we meet and read a Psalm and a Proverb and talk about them and how they relate to us and our businesses.  We share what’s going on in our lives and then we pray for each other.  I love it!

I can’t tell you how many people have told me in the past that they could never live how I do, not knowing where my next paycheck is coming from.  Such is the life of a small business owner!  But through my business I’ve learned to trust God in a much deeper way.  It’s Him who provides for me over and over.  He has my best interest in mind so I can trust Him.  And what a blessing to be meeting with  a group of people who understand that and are living it out themselves.  I have been so encouraged and these people have have brought life to my soul!  This is why it’s one of my favorite things happening in Fullerton.

If you’re a small business owner and would like to join us we meet every Friday morning from 9-10:30.  Contact me for more info.

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