June 16, 2010

Another eharmony success! – Balboa Park Engagement Photography

I tell ya….. everywhere I turn people that met on eharmony are getting married!  I’ve photographed 10 couples who have met on various online sites.  Mark & Marissa make it 11 and  are my 4th eharmony couple!

I met Marissa and Mark at Marissa’s sister Alisa’s wedding in September.  I remember taking a this photo of them dancing…..

Balboa Park Engagement Photography23…. and thinking, “These two are awfully cute!  I hope they get married and I hope I get to shoot their wedding!”  And I get to!

Marissa had been on eharmony all of 2 days when Mark contacted her!  They emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks and decided to meet.  They decided to meet in Coronado, close to where Marissa lived.  They walked along the water and stopped at a particular bench where they sat and talked…. and talked…..

When Mark wanted to ask Marissa to be his wife, he decided to return to where it all started…. that particular bench.  It had been raining all week, and since the weather had finally cleared up, Mark suggested they go on a walk before church.  Marissa didn’t suspect a thing!  He said a few really nice things about her and once they got to THE bench, Mark asked Marissa to marry him.  They never made it to church that day. 🙂  Instead, spending the afternoon celebrating with family.

Mark and Marissa are getting married next month in San Diego and I can’t wait!  I feel so blessed to get to be a part of their day!

Balboa Park Engagement Photography02Balboa Park Engagement Photography03Balboa Park Engagement Photography04Balboa Park Engagement Photography05Balboa Park Engagement Photography06Balboa Park Engagement Photography07Balboa Park Engagement Photography08

I’m pretty sure he likes kissing her.

Balboa Park Engagement Photography09Balboa Park Engagement Photography10

Balboa Park Engagement Photography24

Balboa Park Engagement Photography11Balboa Park Engagement Photography12Balboa Park Engagement Photography13Balboa Park Engagement Photography01Balboa Park Engagement Photography14Balboa Park Engagement Photography15Balboa Park Engagement Photography16

Marissa…. you are too cute!

Balboa Park Engagement Photography17Balboa Park Engagement Photography18Balboa Park Engagement Photography19

Then we went and got some pizza.  But I’m really glad I kept my camera with me.  You never know when you’re going to come across this:

Balboa Park Engagement Photography20Balboa Park Engagement Photography21Balboa Park Engagement Photography22

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