Dancin’ the night away!-Sheel & Neha’s Garba

If you have never been to an Indian celebration, you need to figure out a way to get yourself invited to one!  They are so fun!  I recently had the pleasure of photographing Sheel & Neha’s Garba at the Yorba Linda Community Center.  Garba is an Indian dance where the people dance in a circle, often around a central lamp.  In preparation for the wedding, Sheel and Neha’s faminly and friends gathered for an evening of dancing.  Palak and Simmy are close family friends, so it was fun to see them there!

Sheel and Neha are getting married in New Jersey this coming weekend!  I hope your weekend is wonderful, guys!

So much beautiful color and exquisite detail.  Oh… and Sheel took care of planning a lot of the details since Neha lives in New Jersey.  Not bad, huh?  Maybe he should think about doing some event planning on the side!

garba01We got a few minutes to get some fun portraits of Sheel and Neha.  Dang……. what a great looking couple!

garba02garba03garba04garba05garba06garba07They did this whole choreographed routine that was AWESOME!!!!  Their whole family rocked it!


5 Replies to “Dancin’ the night away!-Sheel & Neha’s Garba”

  1. i LOVED all of the pictures you took. thank you so much – you did an amazing job in capturing all of our special moments!

  2. Neha – You guys look amazing…i totally loved these pictures. Great moments. May GOD bless you both.

  3. Jen, As usual, you did an incredible job of capturing the essence of the event. Beatuful, vibrant pictures!!

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