September 13, 2010

Magic Dipped Photos! – Huntington Beach Engagement Photography

“Jen… your photos are dipped in magic!”

That’s what Kayla blurted out when I showed her one of her and Skylar’s engagement photos on the back of my camera.  I just started to laugh!  That was one of the best compliments I’ve received in a long time!

Kayla and Skylar are both from Arizona.  Kayla came to California to go to Biola University.  They’ve been doing the long distance thing for a few years now and can’t wait to live in the same place soon!  I met Kayla in 2008 when I shot her brother Rob’s wedding to Robin.  Kayla was one of the bridesmaids and just a kick to be around.  One of the other biggest compliments I’ve received came from her mom when she emailed me telling me that her daughters had made her promise that when they got married, they could hire me to shoot their weddings, wherever that may be.  Well, this past winter I got a call from her mom saying that they were planning Kayla’s wedding for January and wanted to fly me out to Arizona to shoot it!  So exciting!

So a few weeks ago, Skylar was out visiting from Arizona, so we all got together to do their engagement photos.  These two just ooze love for each other!  I’ve been seeing the things they post on each other’s walls on facebook and let me tell you… these two are so stinkin’ cute!  We started their engagement shoot in Downtown Fullerton.  We had a blast even though we were dripping with sweat!  Then, with a quick change in the car we headed down to Huntington beach, where we ran (literally) to catch the sunset, they got clobbered by a wave, and we ate burgers at Johnny Rockets.  It was such a fun day!

I can’t wait for your wedding in January!

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