October 1, 2010

Fullerton Favorites Friday!-The Fox Theater

Fullerton Fox Theater

One of my very favorite things about Fullerton is the Historic Fox Theater.  They’ve been raising money to restore it for years and I can’t wait til it opens again someday.  But in the meantime they’ve been doing something to bring the community together.  Once a month hundreds of people show up in the parking lot behind the theater to watch a movie.  They bring their chairs and blankets, and sometimes dinner to watch a classic movie projected on the outside of the Fox.  Most of the time the the movie tends to go along with what time of year it is.  Like this summer they showed JAWS and it was the biggest crowd I’ve seen there.  Crazy packed!  Tonight was Young Frankenstein (or Fron-ken-steen!).  I try to go every month, regardless of what the movie is just because it’s so fun and I always see someone I know.  I love the sense of community when everyone laughs or applauds together.  I’ve even got a couple of my friends hooked!  So check out the schedule on their website and come out and join us!  Next month they’re playing Edward Scissorhands on October 28th.

They always show a Bugs Bunny cartoon before the movie which always ties in with the theme of the movie.

Fullerton Fox Theater2Then the feature presentation!

Fullerton Fox Theater3Such a great cast.  I love this guy!

Fullerton Fox Theater4

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