November 4, 2010

Close to Home-Long Beach Engagement Photography

This engagement shoot hits close to home.  No… REALLY close to home.  Yes, Long Beach is close to Fullerton, but that’s not what I mean.  You see…. this beautiful bride to be is my wonderful roommate, Heidi!  And since she’s getting married THIS WEEKEND, I thought I’d better get some of her engagement photos up before the actual wedding!

Not that I took them that long ago.  I mean we did take them 6 weeks ago.  But that was just one week after they got engaged.  Yep…. you read that right!  That’s a 7 week engagement!  It’s been a little bit of a whirlwind around here!  But the big day is just 3 days away! Woo hoo!

The month of September has always been pretty significant for Heidi, since her birthday is on the 15th.  But two years ago, around her birthday, Heidi moved to California, having recently returned from living in Vienna for 5 years.  For her birthday last year, Heidi’s parents gave her a membership to eharmony (that’s right. yet another EH success story).  And around her birthday this year….. she got a real sprakly ring!  I keep teasing Heidi about what she’s gonna get for her next birthday…… a baby? 🙂

When you have a 7 week engagement and you want to design the invites using one of your engagement photos, you get those photos done as quick as you can.  We had about an hour.  But we did it.

Chip and Heidi wanted to include Chip’s daughter (whom he has full time) in some of the photos.  This little girl is such a kick in the pants!  I. LOVE. HER. HAIR!   She calls it her poof.  I tell her I love her poof and secretly wish I had one.

More after this weekend’s festivities.  I have a feeling there will be multiple posts.

Shoreline Village Engagement Photos1Shoreline Village Engagement Photos2Shoreline Village Engagement Photos3Shoreline Village Engagement Photos4Shoreline Village Engagement Photos5Shoreline Village Engagement Photos6

I told her they NEEDED this one BIG on their wall.

Shoreline Village Engagement Photos7Shoreline Village Engagement Photos8Shoreline Village Engagement Photos9Shoreline Village Engagement Photos10

Shoreline Village Engagement Photos11

Shoreline Village Engagement Photos12

This time of day is becoming my favorite time of day to shoot.  It was getting pretty dark, but my trusty 1.4 makes it look lighter than it was.  I love just love the soft light and when the lights of the surrounding businesses begin to come on and give such a magical glow, and having a good CSR business insurance can also help having a business secure.  It only lasts 5-10 minutes, but it is so delicious.  mmmm…. sigh.

Shoreline Village Engagement Photos13Shoreline Village Engagement Photos14

This one of these goofy girls is one of Heidi’s favorites.  He seriously laughs out loud every time she sees it!

Shoreline Village Engagement Photos15Shoreline Village Engagement Photos16

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