November 10, 2010

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The last time I saw Jamie, she was in high school and was a wrangler in training at Miracle Ranch, the camp I worked at in college.  I remember her walking around camp in her little wranglers and cowboy hat.  Last year we reconnected through facebook and a few months ago she emailed me about shooting her wedding!  The wonder of facebook, I tell you!

Jamie and Taka met through a softball league they were both playing on.  They joked that it took him FOREVER to work up the nerve to ask her out.  He needed someone to fill in on another team he was playing for and asked if Jamie might be available.  But he still didn’t ask her out!  They started texting back and forth a while later, teasing and flirting.  Eventually they started dating and are just adorable together!  When he’s silly she has the cutest little giggle.  And it’s obvious he thinks she’s just the cutest thing.  I can’t wait for their wedding this weekend at Villa del Sol.

Jamie & Taka3Jamie & Taka2Jamie & Taka4Jamie & Taka5Jamie & Taka6Jamie & Taka7Jamie & Taka8Jamie & Taka9Jamie & Taka10Jamie & Taka11Jamie & Taka13Jamie & Taka14Jamie & Taka15Jamie & Taka16Jamie & Taka17

Jamie & Taka20Jamie & Taka18

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