November 12, 2010

The Perfect Pair- Spokane Wedding Photography

It’s about time I get this post up!  It’s just been a little busy around here, with my roomie Heidi getting married last weekend and my new roomie Nicole moving in.  But things are getting caught up for sure. Thanks to GJA Photography, you can have a look at Heidi’s wedding below and see how elegant and fun the entire wedding was.

I was so blessed to get to go to Spokane for Josh & Nicki’s wedding.  Nicki has been a dear friend for several years and I was excited to get to share this special day with her and Josh.  It was a weekend of fun, starting with her 50’s housewife themed bachelorette party!   I know… fun, right?  It was just so fun to get to hang out with her family and friends all weekend.  Getting to spend that much time together makes the celebration that much more special I think.  The celebration lasts all weekend!

The wedding and reception was at the beautiful Beacon Hill.  What a gorgeous setting!  The entire celebration was supposed to be outside, but with the threat of rain and how cool it had been, they decided to have the reception inside.  But as the guest were dancing, they started to get really hot and all decided at once to move the party outside!  It was such a spontaneous moment and so magical to dance the night away under the stars and overlooking the city lights.

Spokane Wedding Photos03Spokane Wedding Photos01Spokane Wedding Photos02Spokane Wedding Photos04Spokane Wedding Photos05Spokane Wedding Photos06Spokane Wedding Photos07Spokane Wedding Photos08Look at those eyes!

Spokane Wedding Photos09Spokane Wedding Photos10Spokane Wedding Photos11Spokane Wedding Photos12Only 3 groomsmen, but a few more bridesmaids……

Spokane Wedding Photos13Yep… you counted right… 11.

Spokane Wedding Photos14Spokane Wedding Photos15Spokane Wedding Photos16We were praying for no rain and look how our prayers were answered!

Spokane Wedding Photos17Spokane Wedding Photos18Spokane Wedding Photos19Spokane Wedding Photos20Spokane Wedding Photos21Spokane Wedding Photos22Spokane Wedding Photos23Spokane Wedding Photos24Spokane Wedding Photos25Spokane Wedding Photos26I love all the pear details.

Spokane Wedding Photos27Spokane Wedding Photos28There was a pear at each place setting that said, “Nicki & Josh.  The perfect pair!”  Cute!

Spokane Wedding Photos29Spokane Wedding Photos30As we danced outside (I say “we” because I put my camera down for a few minutes to join my friends) we felt a few drops of rain here and there.  But it didn’t keep these people from partying!  They were awesome!

Spokane Wedding Photos31Thriller came on and the best man and his wife busted into the dance and everyone else joined them.

Spokane Wedding Photos32Spokane Wedding Photos33Spokane Wedding Photos34Spokane Wedding Photos35Spokane Wedding Photos36

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