December 17, 2010

Christmas Festivities- Part 3

It’s no secret that I love my house.  But  I might love it even more at Christmas.  I’ve found myself not wanting to go out much lately because I just enjoy being here so much.  It’s just so warm and cozy.  I mean, it’s Friday night and because it’s raining all I wanted to do was curl up under my favorite blanket, light some candles and watch a movie (and blog, of course).  So I did.

So here’s what my house looks like right now.  Come on in!

Christmas9This is one of things I’m the most proud of.  I usually have a big framed print hanging here.  I moved the print and needed something to put in this spot.  Then I thought about all of the old windows I have hanging in my backyard and had the idea for this.  I had found this window in the alley behind my old apartment and got the wreath as a hand me down from my parents neighbor Jeanne.  I’m always amazed at how badly people paint windows, leaving all sorts of paint on the windows. I mean, c’mon people!  I usually scrape the paint off of the glass, but this time I didn’t.  I kinda like how it looks a little bit like snow.  Total cost for this project…. zero!

Christmas1And then there’s my built in’s, which are by far my favorite feature of the house.

Christmas6I love my little banner and doily fun thingy.

Christmas4All I did was print out the letters, cut them out and back them with scrapbook paper.  And I just twisted the doilies like a flower and strung them on twine.  I actually did that for a bridal shower, but I liked it so much that I kept it.  Looks so pretty and ruffly!

Christmas5I don’t have a fireplace, or real stockings for that matter (Santa fills the one at my parents house!), so I made do!

Christmas8These are some of my cute ornaments.  My mom actually made the Santa out of tiny wooden flower pots.  The flower is a new one this year.

Christmas3These two are new as well.  I love the vintage look of the one on the left.  And the one on the right is new.  You know… now that I think about it, my mom gave me all of these.  There are not many ornaments on my tree that I actually bought.  Except for most of the bulbs, they’ve all been gifts.  Mostly from my mom.

Christmas2My mom gave me this Santa when I moved into my house.  She’s had it since before I was born I think and thought I might like it.  She said it was “retro”.    And the cranberries are such an easy way to be festive.

Christmas13Christmas7And here’s what it looks like at night.


Mmmm….. magical!


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