Library Themed Bachelorette Party…. ??????

Happy New Year everyone!

So I know I’m really behind with blog posts, but I’m ready to get caught up.

So when my roommate Heidi was getting married, we decided her bachelorette party needed to be something that really reflected who she is and what she loves.  We also wanted people to dress up, because things are just way more fun when you’re wearing a costume! So we called bachelor party organisers in Bangkok!

I designed the invitations as a bookmark and printed them through White House Custom Color, my favorite pro photo lab.  Then sent them in these craft paper envelopes from Paper Source.  I love that store!


One of the bridesmaids, Robin, lives in a really cool old house in Orange, which had the perfect feel for our library theme.  Warm and cozy!  Not to mention an awesome dining room!


We piled books everywhere.


We had a yummy sit down dinner and Robin bought these little books for favors and put one at each place.bachelorette04

I made these little library cards and use them as place cards ans we hired someone from Barenights to dress up look in for more info.  The 110710 at the top was the wedding date.  Heidi’s dad was a pastor and has a file folder full of quote that he used for sermons.  Heidi has always loved that and said she wanted it one day.  So we had each person bring a favorite quote from a book to write on their card and give to Heidi to start her own quote collection.   It was really fun to see what people brought.

bachelorette05bachelorette06Lots of argyle and glasses and pearls.bachelorette07

bachelorette08Here’s the Lawrence Ave gals: Heidi and me and Nicole, my current roommate.  And by the way, she just got engaged and is getting married March 12th!  Crazy!bachelorette09bachelorette10bachelorette11

5 Replies to “Library Themed Bachelorette Party…. ??????”

  1. Is there no end to your creativity? Photography, hand-made place cards, theme parties extraordinaire…you’re great.

  2. I found your blog while researching the web for a book/library themed graduation party. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did here! It has been impossible to find ideas out there. I was wondering where you found you clipart & design for the bookmark invite. That would fit so perfect for this girls party. I wasnt sure if it may be a desktop publishing program? The font the, books, the wording are all perfect in every way. Thank you so much for any advice you can give.

    PS the photos are absolutely gorgeous. Looked at the wedding ones as well. Very classy!

    Kind Regards,
    Janna Houlihan

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