January 31, 2011

Winter Wedding in the Winter- Turnip Rose Wedding Photography

…. Matt & Ashley Winter that is!

December was a wet one for us here in Southern California.  Matt & Ashley, who have known each other since high school, had planned a beautiful wedding at the Turnip Rose in their outdoor courtyard.

Well… it rained that day.

But even as they set up the wedding indoors, Ashley was beaming, knowing  that at the end of the day, she would be Mrs. Winter.  No amount of rain could steal the joy and excitement that both of them had.

Their ceremony was filled with tears and laughter.  A LOT of laughter.  It was just so cool to feel like everyone in the room is united with this couple and standing with them in support as they start their new lives together.

Stay tuned for their “day after” shoot coming soon!

Turnip Rose Wedding Photography01Which one do you like better?  Color or black & white?

Turnip Rose Wedding Photography03

My camera seriously loves Ashley!  Stunning, huh?

Turnip Rose Wedding Photography04Turnip Rose Wedding Photography05Turnip Rose Wedding Photography06

Just beautiful.

Turnip Rose Wedding Photography07Turnip Rose Wedding Photography02

Turnip Rose Wedding Photography13Turnip Rose Wedding Photography15Turnip Rose Wedding Photography14

And here’s the handsome groom!

Turnip Rose Wedding Photography08Turnip Rose Wedding Photography09Turnip Rose Wedding Photography10Turnip Rose Wedding Photography11The guys were doing their duty, making sure Matt didn’t see his bride before the ceremony.

Turnip Rose Wedding Photography12Turnip Rose Wedding Photography16Turnip Rose Wedding Photography17Turnip Rose Wedding Photography18Turnip Rose Wedding Photography19Turnip Rose Wedding Photography21Turnip Rose Wedding Photography22Turnip Rose Wedding Photography23

The lights above the dance floor are the coolest!

Turnip Rose Wedding Photography20Turnip Rose Wedding Photography24Turnip Rose Wedding Photography25Turnip Rose Wedding Photography26

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