February 3, 2011

Super cute family!- Claremont Family Photographer

I knew Russell & Dena from youth group…. many moons ago!  I remember listening to Dena sing beautifully on the worship team.  And I remember when Russell & Dena started dating and then got engaged.

Fast forward several years….. they now have two ADORABLE boys and they live in an awesome old house (… not that the house part is important information for you.  It just makes them that much cooler in my book!)  We got together a while back to take some photos and it was super fun to reconnect with them.

Check out these boys.  Couldn’t you just eat them up?

Claremont family photography03Claremont family photography02Claremont family photography01Claremont family photography04Claremont family photography05Claremont family photography06Claremont family photography08Claremont family photography07Claremont family photography10This shot just REALLY shows their personalities.  It makes me laugh.

Claremont family photography09

All of a sudden, they just turned into these little models.  Strike a pose little dudes!

Claremont family photography11Claremont family photography12Claremont family photography13Claremont family photography14

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