March 22, 2011

You’re So Teeny!- San Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography

I just kept saying that to Yasmin every time I stood her and Mark together.   I’m sure she got a little tired of me saying that, but she was nice to not tell me to shut up!  🙂

But she is just so cute!  And with Mark being over 6 feet tall, Yasmin’s under 5 feet-ness was all the more accentuated.

Yasmin showed me her inspiration board for her wedding which was awesome and looked like something you’d see on Snippet and Ink (one of my favorite blogs that I stalk).  I loved how she and Mark coordinated their clothes for the shoot to go with the color story of their inspiration board.  What a great way to create a cohesive look!

Seriously, though…. how cute are they?

san juan capistrano engagement01san juan capistrano engagement02san juan capistrano engagement03san juan capistrano engagement04san juan capistrano engagement05san juan capistrano engagement06san juan capistrano engagement07

And what do you think I said at this point?…… Yep, I said it again.  I can be so annoying.

san juan capistrano engagement08san juan capistrano engagement09

I just love how playful they are!

san juan capistrano engagement11san juan capistrano engagement12

san juan capistrano engagement10

san juan capistrano engagement13san juan capistrano engagement14I might have said it again here.  Yasmin, you really should have told me to shut up!  Thanks for being so sweet!

san juan capistrano engagement15san juan capistrano engagement16san juan capistrano engagement17

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