April 28, 2011

It don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing-1930’s Themed Wedding

There are so many things that made Nicole & Octavio’s wedding special.  For those of you who don’t know, Nicole was my last roommate.  She and I have been friends for a few years.  She actually introduced me to Heidi, who would soon after become my roommate.  Heidi and I used to love to have Nicole over for dinner.  The three of us had a special bond. Then when Heidi was engaged, Nicole called me up and asked if she could maybe be my next roommate.  Ummm… yes please!  That was such an answer to prayer.  Heidi even said that she was so excited she was leaving me in good hands.  I have great friends!

Nicole & Octavio met swing dancing.  They are both very talented dancers and dance at several different swing venues in Orange County.  I remember when he first asked her out.  She had just gotten out of a relationship and needed some time to process that and heal a bit.  Octavio understood and gave her her space.  But he knew a good thing when he saw it!  So after a while he asked again.  Way to be persistent!   And the rest, as they say, is history.

So when it came time to plan their wedding, it only made sense that since they met on a dance floor, why not get married on a dance floor!?!  With it’s beautiful vintage charm, the Historic Fullerton Ballroom was the perfect setting.

I got to  design their invitations, which was super fun for me.  They totally needed to have a sort of Art Deco feel to them.

fullerton ballroom37Nicole did her own make-up and rocked it!

fullerton ballroom01fullerton ballroom02

I loved her dad’s reaction as he walked in and saw his daughter as a bride for the first time.  I’m thankful he didn’t drop our sandwiches! 🙂

fullerton ballroom03


fullerton ballroom06

The fabulous Christopher Wren was shooting with me that day.  He got this shot that is one of my favorites from the day.  Man, I wish I took this photo!  It’s so pretty!

fullerton ballroom07

I love this moment he caught between me and Nicole too.  Oh, and I was technically a bridesmaid in the wedding too!  My friend and fabulous floral designer Kim Sanders from Art with Nature made me a cute headband since I wouldn’t be able to carry a bouquet and shoot at the same time.

fullerton ballroom04

The handsome groom.

fullerton ballroom05fullerton ballroom36

As Nicole was just about to see Octavio for the first time, she started to get emotional.  Being the sensitive friend that I am…. I kept shooting. 🙂 No, I did stop to talk to her and make sure she was OK…. after I got the shot though.fullerton ballroom09

The first look.fullerton ballroom11fullerton ballroom10

Another favorite.fullerton ballroom32fullerton ballroom14fullerton ballroom12LOVE the back of her dress… and the light… and her veil!

fullerton ballroom13
fullerton ballroom15fullerton ballroom16fullerton ballroom17

Hey, there’s me!  “Helping” hold  a bouquet.

fullerton ballroom18

The ballroom was perfect.

fullerton ballroom31

Kim Sanders handiwork.  She is seriously awesome!  If you need a florist, call her.  She does amazing work!

fullerton ballroom30

Nicole walked down the aisle to “At Last” by Etta James.  The crowd oohed and ahhed.  No, seriously, the did!  This was not your normal wedding crowd.  There was so much energy in the room.  So much laughter.  They hooped and hollered when Octavio came in with his guys!fullerton ballroom19

Nicole & Octavio wanted to take communion as a part of their ceremony, but they chose to serve the elements to their guests.  What a special time.fullerton ballroom20

Woo hoo!fullerton ballroom21

Now, of course, their first dance was awesome!  Chris said to me that he had never been to a wedding where the couple were such good dancers.  I told him that their dance wasn’t choreographed to which he responded, WHAT!?!?!?!  Nope that’s how they always dance.  They’re just awesome!  Man, I wish I had video of it!fullerton ballroom22fullerton ballroom23fullerton ballroom24

They had a swing lesson so that their guests could join in the fun.  fullerton ballroom29fullerton ballroom25

Chris said, “Who ARE these people?  They are all such good dancers!”  Yup.  That’s what happens when you’re connected with the swing dancing community.  You’ve got some amazing dancing at your wedding!fullerton ballroom26fullerton ballroom27

This is SOOOO them.fullerton ballroom28It was a magical evening.  Congratulations, my friends!

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