June 28, 2011

A Big Drippy Mess-Barcelona Photography

It’s been crazy busy around here!  I have done several weddings and other portrait shoots and have needed to get those posted here.  Plus, I’ve just had some thoughts about things I’ve been learning that I want to share.  And people keep asking when they get to see photos from Spain.   I posted a video including photos from my trip to Spain on facebook, but friends keep asking for more.  I’m thinkin’, “A 12 minute video isn’t enough for you people?” 🙂  Fair enough.

So I’ve decided to do a separate post on every city we visited.  Mingled in, I will try to get caught up with other posts as well, but I gotta start somewhere!  So let’s start at the beginning (a very good place to start).

My friend Lanette and I have known each other for about 14 years.  She is my travel/musical theater buddy.  It’s so nice to be able to have someone you know you travel well with.  It had been a couple of years since we had gone on a trip, so we decided it was time, and Spain was to be our next adventure.

We flew from LA to New York, which was a little painful knowing we were in New York but wouldn’t be leaving the airport.  This was the first time I’ve been to New York without seeing a show!  Boo! 🙁  Then we flew to Barcelona.  When we got there it was late morning, so we checked in to our hotel and just started walking to get to know the city a bit.  I was so blown away by the architecture.  Just beautiful!



We stumbled upon the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia.  This little bridge intrigued me.  The detail, the way the light shone through… just stunning.


We saw so much I felt like we’d been on vacation for several days already….. and kinda looked like it too.


Aahhhhh… much better.  It’s amazing what a shower and a good night’s sleep will do for you!


We headed to Gaudi’s famous Park Guell.  I was so fascinated by this place.  I just kept wondering what each area was designed to be.  What did people use it for 90 years ago when it was built?


This place was crowded with people.  All of a sudden I turned around and it was empty and I was able to get this shot.  Then it filled back up.  I did that a lot on this trip.


There were these little things that looked like nests sticking out of the wall every so often.  I thought I needed to climb up and sit in it.



Then the Sagrada Familia.  May people told me how much they loved it before I went.  But whenever I would see photos of it, it just looked like a big drippy thing.  Like clumps of mud.  But when I saw it in person and could see all the detail I thought it was beautiful.  Then I took a photo….. and it looks like a big drippy thing.  I guess it’s meant to enjoy in person.


The doors to this place were beautiful.  Can you guess why I liked them? 🙂



The cathedral was closed for the day, but I noticed a few people going in a side door.  So I followed.  There was a mass going on, but I was able to get a few photos of the interior without paying the high ticket price!


And just a couple more of some cool stuff around town.


Barcelona was a beautiful city and stands out one of the big highlights of my trip.

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