July 24, 2011

Spain continued- Cordoba

It’s time to get back to Spain!  Well.. not literally… although, that sounds great right now, doesn’t it?

We left off in the cute little Medieval town of Segovia.  Next we headed to Granada, but on our way, we stopped through Cordoba for the day.

cordoba1cordoba2I just loved this little church we stumbled upon.



One of the coolest things about Cordoba were the flowers we saw throughout the city.  I loved how people hung flowers everywhere.

cordoba5cordoba7They were having some sort of open house of peoples courtyards.  These spaces were amazing!  I could have spent all day here!


We went there for really one reason and one reason only.  To see the Mesquita.  The building of this amazing place was begun in 600 AD as the church of St. Vincent.  Then it was a mosque….. and then a Christian church again.  It’s kinda weird because it feels like a mosque, but with a cathedral dropped into the middle of it.  It doesn’t fit at all.  But all of the detail was amazing and because of the low light, it was the moment I knew the decision to bring my 5D was a great one!


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