August 5, 2011

Brandon & Stephanie Rock!- Hacienda Wedding Photography

Remember Stephanie & Brandon?

claremont engagement10

Their engagement shoot was awesome so their wedding was sure to be a blast.

It was!

I love that Stephanie chose a short dress.  She looked so sassy!

Hacienda Wedidng Photography01Hacienda Wedidng Photography02

Hacienda Wedidng Photography03

Sassy all the way down to her toes!

Hacienda Wedidng Photography04Stephanie had a slip up while saying her vows.  It was pretty funny!  I love this girl!

Hacienda Wedidng Photography05There’s something I just love about this.

Hacienda Wedidng Photography06Hacienda Wedidng Photography07Hacienda Wedidng Photography08Hacienda Wedidng Photography11Hacienda Wedidng Photography12Hacienda Wedidng Photography13Hacienda Wedidng Photography14

Handsome guy and beautiful girl.

Hacienda Wedidng Photography15Hacienda Wedidng Photography10Hacienda Wedidng Photography09Hacienda Wedidng Photography17Hacienda Wedidng Photography16

Stephanie is always laughing and making others laugh.  She and Brandon are just a blast to be around.

Hacienda Wedidng Photography20

And I think she might hold the record for the most bouquet tosses at a single wedding.  I think she tossed it 4 times.  One time a young boy caught it.  Someone married caught it.  I don’t remember the rest.  It was just a lot. 🙂

Hacienda Wedidng Photography22Hacienda Wedidng Photography21

See…. always laughing!

Hacienda Wedidng Photography18

Brandon & Stephanie love music, so it’s not a surprise that the band they picked could rock it!

Hacienda Wedidng Photography19Hacienda Wedidng Photography23

Stephanie & Brandon, thank you so much for allowing me to share your day with you.  The love the two of you share is so evident and the joy you bring to others around you is priceless.

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