August 16, 2011

S’mores… the inferior fireside treat

I don’t actually like s’mores all that much.  I really like the idea of them and making them, but I can’t say I really enjoy eating them all that much.

Especially compared to the stick biscuit.

When I was a kid, my family and I learned how to make these delicious campfire treats from our neighbor Shirley, a former girl scout leader.  Sitting around the camp fire one night we decided we needed to come up with a name for this yummy-ness.  We settled upon the name “stick biscuit”.  Descriptive… yes.  Creative… not. at. all.  One year Shirley’s husband, Bob, made us our own stick biscuit sticks and since I’m the one in the family who has a firepit, I thought it was only fair that I confiscate them.  Since then I’ve been introducing my friends to the wonder of the stick biscuit.

And now… oh faithful blog readers o’ mine… I share them with you. 🙂

Monday night my friends Karey, Zak & Andrea came over and we made some so I took photos.

stick biscuits4

They’re not very good photos, but c’mon… I had a biscuit to get back to!

So here’s what you do.  Take a refrigerator biscuit (Pillsbury Grands is what I use) and form it over a dowel rod.  Then you bake it over the fire.

stick biscuits5I aways tell people it’s definitely an “activity” since it takes some time a patience to cook.  It probably takes about 15 minutes to bake. Gives you time to visit and talk about the fine art of baking biscuits over a fire.  And usually we start thinking about how we can get creative and what else we could bake over the fire.

To see if it’s done, use a napkin to take it off of the dowel and see if it’s still gummy inside.  Careful…. it’s HOT!

Now comes the good stuff.

stick biscuits2Once it’s done, you take it off and you get to fill it.  I usually put out butter, mini marshmallows, butterscotch chips and chocolate chips.  I’ve also had heath bar crumbles, nuts, honey… whatever you want really.

stick biscuits3Then what you have are some happy people.

stick biscuits1And that, my friends, is why the s’more will always be the inferior fireside treat in my book.

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