Disneyland Family Photo Shoot

When Jennifer called me about doing a family photo shoot at Disneyland, she said it would either be a ton of fun or a complete disaster!  Fortunately it was a blast!  I don’t know how these parents do it.  And if chasing after 6 year old triplets and running a bakery wasn’t enough, they’re adding one more little one to the bunch!  I will be posting the newborn session of little miss Tessa soon, but for now, check out our fun afternoon!

Disneyland family photo shoot1

Disneyland family photo shoot2Disneyland family photo shoot3Disneyland family photo shoot4

Some little hams!

Disneyland family photo shoot5

Never underestimate the strength of 3 brothers!

Disneyland family photo shoot6Disneyland family photo shoot7Disneyland family photo shoot8Disneyland family photo shoot9Disneyland family photo shoot10Disneyland family photo shoot11Disneyland family photo shoot12

The photo on the right cracks me up!  I think he likes getting his picture taken!

Disneyland family photo shoot13

Time for a little snack.

Disneyland family photo shoot14Disneyland family photo shoot15Disneyland family photo shoot16Disneyland family photo shoot17Disneyland family photo shoot18Disneyland family photo shoot19

Disneyland family photo shoot20

Don’t you just love the expression?

Disneyland family photo shoot21

Ahhhh… the picture of brotherly love…

Disneyland family photo shoot22

…. oops!  Well… that didn’t last long! 🙂

Disneyland family photo shoot23

Disneyland family photo shoot24Disneyland family photo shoot25

What a beautiful mama!

Disneyland family photo shoot26Thanks for such a great afternoon, guys!

6 Replies to “Disneyland Family Photo Shoot”

  1. I interviewed her once for an article. Great job! How unique to do a shoot at Disneyland! A first I’d imagine.

  2. Jen, the photos are great, thank you for sharing. I can’t believe how grown up the boys are!

    Can’t wait to see the little girl.

    Love, Paulina

  3. Thanks Jen! We had a great time and you made it very easy for us to end up with some fantastic shots. It’s funny but when we left I was like “I hope she got some pictures!” I didn’t even realize when you were taking many of the photos. Great job!

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