Little Pink Princess- Orange County Children’s Photographer

The other day I posted the photos of the Williams family at Disneyland.  At the time they were excitedly waiting for the arrival of little Tessa.  Well she’s here!!!!!

Now can you imagine how much fun it was for a mom of 3 boys, who’s favorite color is pink, to decorate a nursery for a girl!  SO much fun!

The baby photo below is actually a photo of mom, Jennifer.  It’s so cool to see the family resemblance.

Orange County Children's Photographer1Orange County Children's Photographer2

Found out pretty quickly that she didn’t like laying on her tummy.

Orange County Children's Photographer3

Well hello!

Orange County Children's Photographer4Orange County Children's Photographer6Orange County Children's Photographer7

Orange County Children's Photographer15Orange County Children's Photographer16Orange County Children's Photographer17Orange County Children's Photographer18


Orange County Children's Photographer19Orange County Children's Photographer20When the boys first found out they were going to have a little sister they decided that they should call her “Sweetheart”.

Orange County Children's Photographer21

This photo just cracks me up for some reason.  The tilted frame with the little army men underneath is just a snapshot of life with 6 year old triplets!

Orange County Children's Photographer5Orange County Children's Photographer8Orange County Children's Photographer9

I don’t think this girl is gonna have any trouble holding her own!  Look at that kick! 🙂

Orange County Children's Photographer10I couldn’t pick a favorite.  I just love this series.

Orange County Children's Photographer11Orange County Children's Photographer12Orange County Children's Photographer13Orange County Children's Photographer14Orange County Children's Photographer22

Thank you for inviting me into your home!  Your family is precious!

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  1. Those are just precious photos! I have three wonderful boys, but my 4th child was a sweet little girl (who is now 4 and totally the princess of the house). I also love pink and just went nuts girly-ing the nursery up for little Gracie. Little girls with lots of brothers are some tough little cookies!

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