September 8, 2011

Mmmmm…. ice cream!-South Pasadena Family Photographer

The Egglestons are one of my favorite families.  I first met them when I photographed their 6 month old daughter.  Then again when she was one.  Then along came another little girl!  I met her at 6 months too.  And now…. they’re getting so big!

They say you can tell a lot about a girl by her shoes.  Especially her favorite shoes.

South Pasadena Family Photography1

One’s a little dare devil, a gymnast.  The other loves ruffles and sparkles.

South Pasadena Family Photography4South Pasadena Family Photography2South Pasadena Family Photography3South Pasadena Family Photography5South Pasadena Family Photography6South Pasadena Family Photography7South Pasadena Family Photography8South Pasadena Family Photography9South Pasadena Family Photography10We decided to get some ice cream.  It was my idea.  Clearly I don’t have children.  Do you know how drippy ice cream is?  Especially chocolate ice cream?  Do you know how much it shows on your clothes.  Right.  A LOT.

South Pasadena Family Photography11South Pasadena Family Photography13South Pasadena Family Photography12

We managed to turn her skirt around so the chocolate-y drips didn’t show. 🙂

South Pasadena Family Photography14

Oops…. nope, you can see them in this one.

South Pasadena Family Photography15Thanks again Eggleston family!  I think you’re great!

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