September 11, 2011


Everyone’s talking about today being the 10th Anniversary of the attacks on 9/11. And I’m glad.  I think it’s so important for us to remember.  To talk about where we were that day and relive, in a small way, the horror that that day held.  Like most of you, I remember where I was and I remember listening to the radio as I drove to work, staring at the buildings of downtown LA, wondering if the west coast would be hit as well.

I had bought tickets for my first trip to New York two weeks before the attacks.  My plan was to go at the end of November.  Of course my mom told me I wasn’t going.  Of course I didn’t listen.

When my friends and I got there we made our way to ground zero to find tons of people crowding in to get a view of the pieces of the World Trade Center that were still standing.  There were lots of people, but they were mostly quiet.  Here and there I could hear people crying.  I heard a few people telling stories of the family they had lost that day.  Lining the fences, up and down the streets surrounding were posters and flags and flowers.  Places to sign to say thank you and goodbye to so many.

Strangely enough, this trip was the beginning of my career as a photographer.  Taking photos of the buildings around New York inspired me.  I came home and promptly enrolled in my first photography class.

9-11 Rememberance019-11 Rememberance039-11 Rememberance049-11 Rememberance02My friend Amber Fox posted a video on her blog the other day about the photographers who captured the historic photos from that day.  It’s really worth watching.  Go on over to her blog and check it out.

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