September 16, 2011

Adam & Haylee- Hacienda Wedding Photography

This year has been an exciting year.  I’ve had so many wonderful weddings of amazing people.  I’ve been so blessed to be invited into one of the most important days of their lives.

Haylee & Adam were no exception.  These two are just extraordinary.  They’ve seen their share of adversity but it’s obvious that it has strengthened the bond and love between them.  They’re just great people who surround themselves with great people, so their wedding at the Hacienda was awesome!  Karey Michelle, my 2nd shooter, even said, “I love these people!  I wish we could do their wedding again!  Which of their friends is getting married next?”

Haylee was actually a bridesmaid in Ashley and Matt’s wedding.  You might recognize her below.

Haylee is just stunning.

Hacienda Wedding1Hacienda Wedding2

Hacienda Wedding3Their first look was so sweet.

Hacienda Wedding4

Adam just kept saying, “You look amazing!”

Hacienda Wedding5Hacienda Wedding6Hacienda Wedding7Hacienda Wedding8

I LOVE this shot that Karey got.

Hacienda Wedding9Hacienda Wedding10Hacienda Wedding11

Handsome groom!

Hacienda Wedding12

A little prayer before they head down the aisle.  The pastor, Doug, is one of the pastors at my church and we went to Rwanda on the same team.

Hacienda Wedding13

If you ever thought that the first look takes away from the emotions of this moment…. well… see for yourself. 🙂

Hacienda Wedding14Hacienda Wedding15Hacienda Wedding16

Hacienda Wedding23Hacienda Wedding22

Hacienda Wedding17Hacienda Wedding18

Hacienda Wedding19Hacienda Wedding20Hacienda Wedding21Hacienda Wedding24Hacienda Wedding25Hacienda Wedding26Hacienda Wedding27Hacienda Wedding28Hacienda Wedding29Adam & Haylee, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.  I think you’re amazing.

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