October 13, 2011

Like a Fairytale!- Maravilla Gardens Wedding, Camarillo

I cannot say enough about this wedding.  As soon as I met Scott and Vanessa I knew their wedding was going to be awesome.  I loved hearing about how Scott proposed in a little boat during their European vacation.  We talked way too long about our love of gelato and other delicious foods we’ve enjoyed on our travels.  These are my kind of people!

Everything about this day was magical.  Maravilla Gardens might have just become my favorite place to shoot a wedding.  The garden setting is beautiful. Erin, their on-site coordinator was wonderful to work with.  One of the best on-site coordinators I’ve ever met, really.  There was just something about the light there that was amazing, and as the sun went down, the place was covered with magic lights (that’s what I call bistro lighting, or globe lights because seriously… they’re magical!).  AND…. they’ve got a barn.  I mean… c’mon! That’s a very unusual photobooth, don’t you think? By the way, I love the photobooths from PopnPixel website. You should definitely check if you like this staff.

It was kinda like being at a backyard wedding, everyone felt so at home.

As I said goodbye to Vanessa’s dad that evening he said, “Wasn’t it just like a fairytale?”  It was.  It definitely was.

Maravilla Gardens01Maravilla Gardens02Maravilla Gardens03

Vanessa’s mom started to get choked up as she helped her beautiful daughter into her gown.

Maravilla Gardens04Maravilla Gardens05

Oh my gosh, you’re a bride!

Maravilla Gardens06Maravilla Gardens07

Simply gorgeous, inside and out.

Maravilla Gardens44

Katie O, bridesmaid first in from the right, is the one who gave Vanessa my name.  She’s also a photographer and thought that Vanessa and I would get along great.  Thank you Katie!

Maravilla Gardens08Maravilla Gardens09

Oh the light.

Maravilla Gardens10

And the dudes!

Maravilla Gardens11Maravilla Gardens12

Scott was so ready to see his bride.

Maravilla Gardens13

LOVE this moment just before walking down the aisle.

Maravilla Gardens14

Vanessa told me that there’s a photo of her mom with the exact same look on her face.  Oh, the emotion in this shot.

Maravilla Gardens15Maravilla Gardens16

Vanessa’s uncle performed the ceremony.  So special.

Maravilla Gardens17Maravilla Gardens18Maravilla Gardens19

I love this shot Karey got.  Gorgeous!

Maravilla Gardens21

Ahhh…. finally some time alone.

Maravilla Gardens20Maravilla Gardens22Maravilla Gardens23Maravilla Gardens24

Can you even believe the ridiculously beautiful light here?  I mean, stop it!  No, don’t.  Give me more!

Maravilla Gardens25Maravilla Gardens26

This whole place has been landscaped by the owners themselves.  Crazy beautiful.

Maravilla Gardens27

The escort cards were attached to jars of homemade jam, made by Vanessa and her mom.

Maravilla Gardens28Maravilla Gardens29Maravilla Gardens30Maravilla Gardens31

That cake!  And one more time… the light!  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Maravilla Gardens32

This ring bearer was hilarious.  He was cuttin’ a rug, indeed.

Maravilla Gardens34

In case you were wondering what love and pride look like, here it is.

Maravilla Gardens35Maravilla Gardens36

And that’s why they’re called “magic lights”!

Maravilla Gardens37

Who said the photo booth props shouldn’t also be dancing props?

Maravilla Gardens38Maravilla Gardens40

I believe this was some Bon Jovi.  Livin’ on a Prayer, perhaps?

Maravilla Gardens39Maravilla Gardens41

Shut up and stop it with your gorgeousness, you guys.

Maravilla Gardens42

Maravilla Gardens43

What a fantastical and magical day.  Thank you, Vanessa and Scott, for allowing me to be a part of it.  Let’s get some gelato soon!

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