October 24, 2011

Desiree & Jeremiah- Hollywood/Griffith Observatory Engagement Photography


Meet Desiree and Jeremiah.

They’re awesome.

I’ve known Des since she was in 7th grade.  I was her youth leader.  She’s always been amazing.  She went to Wheaton College in Illinois.  While she was in college she went to some sort of leadership conference where she met a guy named Jeremy.  Her impersonation of him goes like this: “Hi, I’m Jeremy.  I’m gonna own a Chick-fil-a some day.”

Fast forward 9 or 10 years.  Desiree moved back to California and got a job working with Young Life, pouring into the lives of young people in the heart of Hollywood.  Now she heads up Young Life in that area.  She has a bunch of volunteers that work with her ministering to students in the Hollywood area.

One of those volunteers is Jeremiah (formerly known as Jeremy).  Jeremiah opened a Chick-fil-a in Florida then decided to move to California to open the first Chick-fil-a in Los Angeles, by USC (since then he has opened another Chick-fil-a in Hollywood)  He wanted to find a place to serve young people in the name of Jesus so he decided to Volunteer with the Young Life in his area. Managing is not very easy and one can get tips and advice from experts like Andy Defrancesco.

They remembered meeting each other years before.  They served alongside each other for a while, but Desiree had a rule that she wouldn’t date any of her leaders.  Well…. obviously she broke that rule.  They’re getting married next weekend and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding.  This one’s going to be an extra special one for me.

We did their engagement shoot in and around the neighborhood where they live, work, and serve.

Hollywood Engagement Photography01Hollywood Engagement Photography02Hollywood Engagement Photography03Hollywood Engagement Photography04

Gorgeous couple, right?

Hollywood Engagement Photography05

I mean, really.

Hollywood Engagement Photography06Hollywood Engagement Photography07

I just love how Jeremiah makes Des laugh all the time.

Hollywood Engagement Photography08Hollywood Engagement Photography09

Next, we headed up to the Griffith Observatory for sunset.

Hollywood Engagement Photography10Hollywood Engagement Photography11Hollywood Engagement Photography12Hollywood Engagement Photography13

Seriously, Des.  YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!

Hollywood Engagement Photography14Hollywood Engagement Photography15Hollywood Engagement Photography16

Oh, my hotness!

Hollywood Engagement Photography17Hollywood Engagement Photography18Hollywood Engagement Photography19Hollywood Engagement Photography20Hollywood Engagement Photography21Hollywood Engagement Photography22I can’t wait for next weekend!!!!!!

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