November 18, 2011

Mark & Yasmin- Laguna Beach/Cannon’s Dana Point Wedding Photography

Wedding days can be exhausting, both for the couple and for me!  Emotions run high and there’s a lot going on.  I often feel like I’ve been hit by a truck when I wake up the next day.  But Mark & Yasmin’s wedding was different.  When I left, I felt refreshed.  I don’t know if I’ve ever met a couple who are so gracious and kind, thinking about others before themselves, even on “their day”.

I love so much about this wedding.  I love this couple.  I love how they care for each other.  I love how much they love their family and friends and how they are so obviously loved in return.  I love the color palette, the flowers, the bridesmaid dresses and the amazing sweets table!  Beautiful and classy… just like them!

Yasmin’s family, who are from the Philippines, were staying at a beautiful beach house, so that’s where the girls got ready.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 01Laguna-Dana Point Weding 02Laguna-Dana Point Weding 03Laguna-Dana Point Weding 04Laguna-Dana Point Weding 07

Mark & his guys “getting ready”.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 05Laguna-Dana Point Weding 06Laguna-Dana Point Weding 30Laguna-Dana Point Weding 08Laguna-Dana Point Weding 09Laguna-Dana Point Weding 11Laguna-Dana Point Weding 10Laguna-Dana Point Weding 12Laguna-Dana Point Weding 13Laguna-Dana Point Weding 14

After the ceremony we headed over to downtown Laguna for a few photos.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 15Laguna-Dana Point Weding 16Laguna-Dana Point Weding 17

Aren’t they sweet?

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 18Laguna-Dana Point Weding 19Laguna-Dana Point Weding 20Laguna-Dana Point Weding 21Laguna-Dana Point Weding 22


Laguna-Dana Point Weding 23

They couldn’t have their wedding this close to the beach and not get at least a few photos by the water.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 24

Uuummmm…… yes please.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 25Laguna-Dana Point Weding 26Laguna-Dana Point Weding 27

Special shout out to my friend the seagull.  Thanks for workin’ with me and for flyin’ in at just the right time.  I appreciate it.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 28

Jus’ a little nap before the reception.Laguna-Dana Point Weding 29Over to Cannon’s Restaurant for the reception.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 31

Mark said the sweetest things about Yasmin, bringing tears to her eyes and just about everyone in the place…. including me.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 32

Laguna-Dana Point WeddingPhotography00

Sweet and Saucy does it again!

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 33

Carrie Goff, the funnest coordinator ever, helped make it a beautiful day.  Check out more details from the day on her blog.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 34Laguna-Dana Point Weding 35Laguna-Dana Point Weding 36Laguna-Dana Point Weding 38Laguna-Dana Point Weding 39

Karey and I were laughing so hard as Mark busted out his mad breakdancing skills!

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 41Laguna-Dana Point Weding 40

Such a magical evening.

Laguna-Dana Point Weding 37Mark & Yasmin, you are such wonderful people.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day!

Ceremony: St. Catherine’s

Reception: Cannon’s Restaurant

Coordinator: Carrie Goff- Exquisite!

Flowers: The Flower Stand

DJ: Steve Burdick Events

Make-up: Make Me Up

Hair: Primp by Christine Irene

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