December 7, 2011

Ronda, Spain- A sweet surprise

You know… I realized that I never finished blogging my trip to Spain.  So I’m determined to finish before the end of the year!

When last we checked in on this traveling duo, they were in Granada.  We had decided that we would rent a car for part of our trip so we could see more of the countryside.  I was really excited to be our designated driver so I got an international driver’s license before we left.  I thought it would just sound cool to say that I drove around Spain’s countryside.  Little did I know, an automatic car is hard to come by in Europe.  And this girl never learned how to drive stick.  Stink!  Luckily, Lanette does drive stick, so she became our driver I took on the role of navigator….. somehow not as cool.

We arrived in Ronda a little past half way through our trip and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Scattered throughout the southern part of Spain are a bunch of little white washed hill towns.  Ronda was the first one we visited.  The main feature of this little town is the gorge.  The town is sorta divided in half by it.  Here’s the view fro the top.


I decided I needed to hike down to get a better shot of the gorge.  It was a lovely little hike.


I loved these yellow pom pom flowery things!


And the poppies!


And here’s the view from the bottom.


Aaaaannnnd that’s about all there was to do in this sleepy little town, so we headed to our “hotel”.  We hadn’t booked any places to stay before we left the States (except for in Barcelona) so we would find a wifi spot and get on to make our reservations for the next town we would be visiting.  We booked this place just outside of Ronda, but had no idea what a treat we were in for.

Here’s what we saw as we turned onto the dirt road to get to our place.  That’s it nestled in the middle of those trees.


We kept pinching ourselves.


We had no idea when we booked a room at Casa de Campo that we would be staying in paradise!


I sat out here and read.


The door to our room and our little balcony.


The comfiest bed of our whole trip.  And I loved all the little lanterns everywhere.


After the wonderful dinner that they served us, one of the ladies brought us a basket of wood and built a fire.  We sat here in disbelief at how spoiled we were.


The view from our little balcony.


We heard lots of noises from different animals and on our walk we found some of them.  The best one was the turkey that gobbled at us!


Cute little bunny!


The next day we decided to do nothing.  We needed a little rest from being on the go all the time.  Lanette took a nap on that comfy bed while I read and journaled and then explored the property a little more.


A peahen


Isn’t that pool awesome?  It even had a water slide!


More poppies and one of the bunnies we found in the barn.

ronda27ronda26Such a wonderful place to stay.  We were treated like family.  I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time we were there.  I just felt so at peace that the joy of it all oozed out of me.  My friend Jess would call that a “little Jesus hug”. 🙂

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