December 15, 2011

Kristin- Pasadena Headshot Photography

I’ve heard that the friends that you make when you’re in the “trenches” are some of the deepest and are the ones that last the longest.  Kristin and I bonded years ago in such circumstances.  When we met we were on the same team preparing to go to Rwanda on a missions trip.  I called her up asked her if she wanted to get together for dinner and that was it.  We were friends.  As we ate delicious salads at Rutabegorz, we discovered that we had tons in common, from similar breakup stories to a love for musical theater.  We ended up being roommates for our entire trip to Rwanda.  She prayed for me when I got sick and they thought I had Malaria (amazingly not getting sick herself even though we were sleeping in the same bed.  I thoroughly believe in Airborne!).  I prayed for her when she got scared in the middle of the jungle (we really shouldn’t have watched Hotel Rwanda right before going there) and told her I would beat up anyone who tried to break in to our guest house.  I remember near the end of our trip, all of us were talking about what foods we missed and what we couldn’t wait to eat when we got home.  I couldn’t wait to have ice cream.  Kristin said she missed romaine lettuce.   Really?  I’m pretty sure I told her she was weird and I think I tease her about that every time I see her.

I’ve watched Kristin make so many bold moves in her career, giving up a teaching career to pursue a future in the entertainment industry.  Her status update the other day was this: “Work perk: smile from Dax Shepherd (from Parenthood) when you drive by on a golf cart.”  It’s so good to see her flourishing and absolutely loving what she’s doing.

We got together to do some new headshots for her recently.  Here are some of my favorites.

Pasadena HeadshotsPasadena Headshots2Pasadena Headshots3Pasadena Headshots4Pasadena Headshots5

I really like this look.  Very crime drama-esque.

Pasadena Headshots9

Pasadena Headshots7

Just had to make one of them kinda gritty.

Pasadena Headshots8

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