December 19, 2011

Hempel Family- Fullerton Family Photographer

Well it’s definitely that time of year.  Time for Christmas photos!  It’s so fun for me when I get to photograph families from year to year.  I love seeing how the kids grow and how their personalities develop.

Seems like my families have a lot of boys, which means, LOTS of energy.  Which in turn stresses mom out, thinking there’s no way they’ll have a good photo for their Christmas card.  But I just eat it up.  The kids make me laugh and I love it when their spirited-ness shines through!

Check out these cuties!

fullerton family photos2fullerton family photosfullerton family photos3fullerton family photos4fullerton family photos5fullerton family photos8

fullerton family photos9

Dad’s idea.  LOVE. IT.

fullerton family photos10

Coolest. family. ever.

fullerton family photos11

Could you just die?

fullerton family photos13fullerton family photos12fullerton family photos14fullerton family photos15

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