December 22, 2011

Christmas at my house!

Christmas is almost here!

I’ve aways liked Christmas.  In the past few years I’ve grown to LOVE Christmas.  This year, maybe more than any other year, I’m aware of the importance of Christmas.  I guess I’ve just been overly aware of the hurt and pain that fills this world.  A lot of it has hit pretty close to home in my family, with several jobs lost, major illnesses and several tragedies.  And with Christmas, those things can feel even more difficult.  But this Christmas, I’m seeing just how important Christmas is in reminding us of hope.  Our only Hope.  Emmanuel.  God with us.  The only hope I have when tragedy strikes is that God is with me and that He is faithful.  Christmas is important because it reminds us that that God came near, to be with us.  And that He will be with us, to give us comfort when we don’t know which way to turn.

So I love Christmas and I want my house to reflect that promise by being a place of love and comfort and that’s why I use architectural services from bldg.collective boulder county to help me with this and make my house look the way I want.  I also love to decorate it all up so it feels magical.

Sometimes I think maybe it’s a little much… but then I get over it and just enjoy every bit of it!  This year my roommate Ally and I started watching Christmas movies pretty early (it may or may not have been before Thanksgiving).  One night while we were watching Elf, you know the part where he decorates the whole room with a bunch of paper chains and snowflakes all over the place, well, I got inspired.  And when he puts syrup on everything… well that inspired me too.  To make breakfast, that is!

I decided to have some friends over for a Christmas breakfast.

Christmas in Fullerton

I saw little poinsettias at the 99 cent store (my favorite!) so I just wrapped them up with a little craft paper and jute and had a little gift for each of my guests!

Christmas in Fullerton2

That night I had some more friends over for dinner.  Yep, I did a lot of entertaining this year, and I love it!  For dessert I made apple spice cupcakes with salted caramel frosting.  Even drizzled some caramel and a little sea salt on top.  Whaaaaaaaaaat?  Yep, you heard me right.  DE-LISH!

Christmas in Fullerton3

Here’s my cute little crooked tree and it’s new star (from Goodwill, brand new, still in the box).

Christmas in Fullerton5

The cutest little baby Jesus ornament!

Christmas in Fullerton6

More paper goodness!  These little coffee filter flowers were SO fun to make.  Thank you Pinterest!

Christmas in Fullerton7

Ally’s amazing handiwork.  She got skillzzzz!

Christmas in Fullerton4

Another Pinterest idea.

Christmas in Fullerton10

One of my favorite things this year has been getting Christmas cards from clients with photos I’ve taken!  Look how fun!

Christmas in Fullerton8Christmas in Fullerton9

I love this little set up.

Christmas in Fullerton11

Merry Christmas to you all!

Christmas in Fullerton12

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