January 26, 2012

Andy & Karen- Rustic Fullerton Wedding

Dear Reader,

Remember Andy & Karen?  Well this past Saturday was their wedding.  If you live in Southern California, remember how it was pouring rain Saturday morning.  Yeah, me too.  I had checked the weather the day before and it said Saturday- Chance of rain… 100%.  That’s a lot of percent.  It might as well have said 110% but that would be ridiculous because 100% is all there is.  My friend Heidi hates it when people say that they’re committed to something 110% because that’s impossible.  Heidi, here is my effort to put a stop to this world-wide phenomenon. 🙂

But back to Saturday.

The rain woke me up at 5:00 am, so I started to pray.  Both the ceremony and reception were indoors, so I prayed this:             “Dear God.  I only need a little dry spell during the day.  From about 1:30 to 3:00 would be perfect.  It doesn’t even need to be sunny, just as long as it’s mostly dry.  I know from experience that you can do this, so I just trust You that this is gonna be a great day!”  Then I fell back asleep.  A few hours later, when I was sitting in bed, drinking my tea and preparing myself for the day, the rain stopped.  I made note of that and when back to what I was doing, thinking that if I got too excited it would start raining again.  Epic display of faith, huh?  A few minutes later the sun started peeping in and out from behind the clouds.  I looked over to the window and smirked, “Lord, you’re gonna give us sun, aren’t you?”  So all of you other photographers that had weddings that day, that was a pretty little package wrapped up for us and signed, “Love, God.”  My friend Jess would call that a “little Jesus hug.”  Mmmmm hmmmmm.

My new friend Nellie from Pleasant Surprise Events did an amazing job coordinating the entire day.  Check out these cool details put together by Nellie and her team as well as Karen and her friends.  Because Karen & Andy are avid backpackers, they had a rustic theme using lots of wood.

Fullerton Wedding photography01Fullerton Wedding photography02Fullerton Wedding photography04

Karen & her friend made all of the candied apples themselves!  And the sticks in the apples are from the apple tree in Nellie’s backyard!

Fullerton Wedding photography03Fullerton Wedding photography06Fullerton Wedding photography05

I love these images of Andy that Chris, my second shooter, caught.  These are SOOOO Andy!  You excited, Andy? 🙂

Fullerton Wedding photography08Fullerton Wedding photography09

How cute is this?  It’s just like Woody’s boot from Toy Story.  They walked down the aisle to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.  So cute!

Fullerton Wedding photography07

And now for the beautiful bride.  See that light?  Jesus hug!

Fullerton Wedding photography012

Karen, I’m glad you think I’m funny!  You look amazing!

Fullerton Wedding photography010Fullerton Wedding photography011

Now for my favorite moment of a wedding day!  The first look.  Just so happened to find a log cabin.  In Fullerton.  Awesome.

Andy, I love the pure joy in your eyes.

Fullerton Wedding photography018

I love how silly you two are together.

Fullerton Wedding photography019Fullerton Wedding photography020Fullerton Wedding photography021

Does anyone else see that ” I LOVE U”  behind them?  I didn’t see that until I was editing the photos.  Jesus hug!

Fullerton Wedding photography040

Fullerton Wedding photography022


Fullerton Wedding photography023Fullerton Wedding photography024Fullerton Wedding photography026Fullerton Wedding photography027Fullerton Wedding photography028Fullerton Wedding photography025Fullerton Wedding photography015Fullerton Wedding photography014Fullerton Wedding photography016Fullerton Wedding photography017

Anyone who says that the first look takes away from this moment…. check out the looks on their faces.

Fullerton Wedding photography029Fullerton Wedding photography030Fullerton Wedding photography031

Six years in the making.  Doug, our pastor, said that that was the loudest hoop and holler he’d ever heard at a wedding!  Even before the kiss!

Fullerton Wedding photography032


Fullerton Wedding photography013Fullerton Wedding photography034Fullerton Wedding photography035Fullerton Wedding photography036

Karen, I LOVE this photo.  This is totally something I would do.

Fullerton Wedding photography037

So much emotion.  You two are so loved.

Fullerton Wedding photography038Fullerton Wedding photography039

Our church recently put up some magic lights, so you know we had to get a photo.

Fullerton Wedding photography033Andy & Karen, I don’t even have words to describe my excitement for you!  Two people were never so perfect for each other.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: First Evangelical Free Church Fullerton

Catering: The Well

Coordination: Pleasant Surprise Events

Cake: Amazing Cakes

Flowers: M’s Flowers

Hair: Unity Salon

Make up: Amy Niles

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