Garden Lessons- Author Photos

Dear Debra,

I am SO excited for you!  When you contacted me to ask me to do author photos for your new book I was excited for a few reasons.

#1. Because you are a wonderful woman with such a sweet spirit and I was excited to get to work with you. You are someone who has known pain and heartache, but who has allowed God to teach you and mold you into the beautiful woman that you are.  I admire that.

#2. Because I got to spend time in your amazing backyard that I have always referred to as “the secret garden”.  A place of such beauty… it’s no wonder God has taught you so many lessons from the garden and I even got help for this with information from

#3. Because I get to have my photos in a book!  Yay!

Here’s the photo you chose for your first official author photo!  And it was fun to find out that the quick shot I snapped of Daisy made it into the book too!

Garden Lessons01

Debra, you are so beautiful inside and out.  Thank you for allowing me to photograph you.

Visit for more info on Debra Vaughn’s book or purchase a copy on amazon or

Here are a few more from our session.

Garden Lessons02Garden Lessons03


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  1. Jenn, thank YOU for blessing me with your words and work! I’m just thrilled that we were able to connect on this project! Knowing your heart and seeing other work you’ve done made you my first choice – and I was NOT disappointed. I am praying God will allow many eyes to see your photos and encourage hearts as a result. To Him be all glory and honor!
    Debra Vaughn

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